Training in the Updated Highway Code


The Highway Code is communicated to all those who wish to acquire driving licenses, both for light vehicles and heavy vehicles. As regards heavy passenger vehicles and heavy goods vehicles, the legislation in force requires the renewal and reinforcement of the Highway Code every 5 years. However, for light vehicles there is no such requirement. Thus, given the constant updates to the highway code, this training course is extremely important in order to update information, clarify doubts and decrease both the number of accidents and the number of infractions and respective fines.


To attend this training course, the participant needs to have a legal qualification to drive heavy or light vehicles.

To equip the trainees with information about the Highway Code, in order to avoid road accidents and to identify the causes that can influence driving.

This course is intended for all people who drive, whether they drive light or heavy vehicles and whether for personal or professional purposes.

Training Course Hours/Duration:
7 Hours