Training in Defensive, Economical and Environmental Driving


Concerns about fuel economy in driving vehicles occur in all types of means of transport, especially those that depend on oil as a source of energy for locomotion. Energy efficiency depends on several factors, from vehicle factors to external factors, namely road and environmental factors. The driver’s style of driving is fundamental and must be taken into account in the final equation regarding energy consumption, since the driver is the main element that most influences fuel consumption and the emissions that are released. As pollution is one of the main aspects that lead to the creation of standards, legislation and widespread concern, it is essential for drivers to acquire the skills for economical, defensive and environmental driving.


Under the legislation in force, the training course presents the following requirements:

1. Compulsory education - According to Law No. 85/2009 of August 27;
2. Category B Driving License

This course aims to provide participants with the knowledge, behaviours and skills that enable them to develop responsible driving from an environmental and social point of view, as well as from an economical point of view.

Motorists of light vehicles, drivers of heavy passenger vehicles and heavy goods vehicles. Also included are all workers whose job involves transporting people and goods, trade, consultancy, publicity and marketing.

Training Course Hours/Duration:
14 hours