Forklift training


Decree-Law No. 50/2005 regulates the use of equipment designed to protect the health and safety of workers. The implementation of these works exposes workers to a high level of risk, with serious consequences for the injured parties and that represent a high percentage of accidents at work. Safety at work depends on properly training the workers that handle this type of equipment.


To attend this training course and, under the legislation in force, the following requirements are necessary:

1. Compulsory education;
2. Category B Driving License

To be able to identify the correct use of the special vehicles and know the safety standards in the transport of parts and materials, as well as to be able to ensure the safety of workers.

This course applies to all branches of work in the private, cooperative and social sectors; central, regional and local public administration; public institutions and other legal persons governed by public law; as well as self-employed workers. Here we include all workers that operate with work equipment that present specific risks

Carga Horária/Duração:
7 Hours (with driving experience)*
14 Hours (without driving experience)*