Tachograph Training Course


EEC Regulation No 561/2006 of 15 March 2006 regulated the uniform application of some common provisions regarding social and employment matters in all member countries of the European Community. The EEC regulation thus determined driving time limits and time limits regarding the use of heavy vehicles, being that tachographs are used for legal registration. Since the use of the tachograph is mandatory, it is essential for drivers to acquire the skills and knowledge that allow them to work with it whilst maintaining a level of professionalism and ensuring maximum comfort and safety during transportation.


Under the legislation in force, the Tachograph Training Course presents the following requirements::

1. Compulsory education - According to Law No. 85/2009 of August 27;
2. Driving license.

This course aims to improve recipients' knowledge about social regulations for road transport regarding driving and rest times, so that they are able to recognize the rules to which they are subject, as well as to use tachographs correctly, thus avoiding legal penalties.

Heavy vehicle drivers (passengers and/or goods) and others, provided that the previously established requirements are met.

Training Course Hours/Duration::
7 Hours