The Carristur Training Academy provides extensive training opportunities for Private Clients and Business Customers

From the technical field to the behavioural field, our goal is to develop very specific knowledge that is geared towards implementing operations in the real context of work.

We develop training and consultancy projects for companies that operate in the transport of passengers and goods. We create training programs tailored to the reality of organizations, the skills to be developed and the goals to be achieved, according to the company strategy and the needs of the teams.

The vast training services provided, coupled with the high professional experience of our team, as well as the quality of our facilities and equipment, guarantee high-quality training, making the training a significant, innovative and transforming experience.

The training can be held at the facilities of CARRISTUR, in Lisbon, or any other place to be designated..
Our commitment:

  • 100% adapted programs
  • Practical Training
  • Excellence and rigor in the training of drivers
  • Training on the job
  • DGERT Certification (DGERT - Direcção-Geral do Emprego e das Relações de Trabalho - Directorate General of Employment and Work Relations)
  • Quality and customer satisfaction

See what our customers are saying?

  • CarrisTur Training is an excellent driving school and the only driving school to provide driving classes during the CAM (Qualification Course for Drivers of Heavy Vehicles) training (already in the final stage of the CAM course). To all the professionals of this school a big thank you for the training provided, the kindness of each trainer and the dedication to each student
  • Fernando Nuno Gomes
    "Rare are the places nowadays where driver training is taken seriously...but Carristur is one of those places. They deserve 4 stars, of course. I only don’t give them 5 stars because both the fantastic instructors who are part of this school and I know that there is always room for improvement and development. I also know that they won’t take it the wrong way, because improvement is a constant pursuit for excellent professionals. Good job!"
    Fernando Nuno Gomes
  • Fernando Alexandre Faria
    "I want to thank all the staff at the CarrisTur Driving School! Thank you for the teaching set-up, which helped me be successful in obtaining category D! A hug and a thank you to all! Cheers! A 10 star School!"
    Fernando Alexandre Faria
  • Fernando Paulo Rosa
    "I got the TCC (Accreditation for Driving a School Bus) at CarrisTur. 5 star training provided by a team of excellent instructors.  Excellent!!! Thank you!"
    Fernando Paulo Rosa
  • Fernando Pedro Henrique
    "Great professionals who help us take pleasure in learning. Thank you"
    Fernando Pedro Henrique