Emotional Intelligence


Since its theoretical conceptualization in 1990 by John Mayer and Peter Salovey, the Emotional Intelligence (EI) construct has sparked a growing interest, both in the population and in the scientific field. Emotional intelligence is considered one of the essential skills to achieve success at a professional and personal level, since our emotional brain influences our thoughts, behaviour, actions and, consequently, our results . Thus, emotional intelligence affects work performance, physical and mental health, and interpersonal relationships. Many of today's problems, such as stress, depression, substance abuse, violence, among others, are related to emotions. Thus, in order to achieve better results and improve all areas of our lives we need to recognize and manage our emotions.


no requirements.

Acquire the necessary tools for the implementation of emotional intelligence both in professional life as well as personal life.

All professionals who want to learn how to deal with their emotions and that of others, thus improving relational skills and acquiring a more productive life, both personally and professionally.

Training Course Hours/Duration:
14 Hours / 2 days