The nature and exercise of leadership have been the focus of man's research throughout history. Due to the rapid changes and new trends in the corporate field, leadership style has become one of the elements that most impacts the performance and results achieved by the whole the organizational structure. In this way, leaders play an important role within organizations, because they are responsible for managing the main resources, i.e. the people. It is important that the leader is able to motivate and influence ethically and positively, so that the people being led can contribute voluntarily, autonomously, competently and seamlessly for the achievement of results. In this context, the challenge of making the most of the team’s talent for the benefit of the organization should not be underestimated.


No requirements

To acquire the personal and relational skills necessary for the performance of the role of leader and the dynamization of a team

All professionals who have a team coordinating role at an operational level at work and/or all those who want to develop their knowledge and practical leadership skills.

Training Course Hours/Duration:
14 Hours / 2 days